Franchise Operations Manager Paraguay

Franchise Operations Manager Paraguay

23 feb
Coca Cola

23 feb

Coca Cola


The Franchise Manager will be accountable for:

- Net Sales Revenues Growth

- Operating Income Growth

- Transactions Growth

- Volume Growth

- Share of vale Growth

- Sugar reductions

- Executional metrics such as coverage, SOVI, OOS, etc

All of this aligned with our Growth Formula.

Main Purpose of this Job is to ensure the continued delivery of results by:

- Lead the growth agenda of the Bottler´s operations.

- Lead the communication with the Bottler´s key stakeholders: Commercial Director & Mktg Director.

- Lead the routines with the Bottlers.

- Coordinate and execute the long-term vision and annual BP.

- Coordinate the internal alignment with KO Key Stakeholders

- Coordinate and lead thru influence our Finance/Planning & RGM/Strategy/Tehcnical/Portfolio Mktg/BigBets teams in order to secure our yearly targets.

- Implement plans aligned with BP strategic initiatives, in order to sustain and grow System leadership:

- Monitor evolution of key indicators and create/execute plans to achieve BP objectives (Operating Income/Profit, Revenues, and volume, Sugar as well as SOM & SOVI).

- Identify and capture opportunities regarding OBPPC across categories.

- Route to Market Model capabilities to ensure business strategy execution.

- Infrastructure and logistic plans, to ensure capacity.


Briefly describe the primary duties/responsibilities of this job in 5-8 bullet points.  Please list these duties in order of importance and include the percentage of time spent or required for each activity.

Prioritized Responsibilities

% of Time

1.BP Build Up: Lead the BP development process with PARESA; ensuring the identification of opportunities and risks based on market analysis across channels (traditional, resellers, modern and On Premise) and Shopper/ Consumer, to deliver, Operating Income/Profit, Volume and Share targets within each category, including recommendation of system investments.


2. BP execution:  Lead the execution of plans, integrating commercial strategies and frameworks, (includes OBPPC, RTM, Brand/Pack launches, Execution, Big Bets plans & Agenda). Lead communication flow between Bottler and KO concerning priorities, programs, address market issues and performance. Develop insights in order to enrich frameworks and strategy guidelines for core commercial capabilities.


3. System management: strengthen our franchise leadership role and propel market leadership. Leverage influential skills among KO stakeholders and bottler key agents in order to lead the innovation pipeline & the operating routines to fulfil BP.


4. Cultural Ambassador within KO & Bottler: act as a change agent and lead our cultural transformation agenda within KO as well as with the BT.


C. FINANCIAL/ JOB SCOPE: Identify quantitative factors for this job, such as volume, annual budget, customer contacts (e.g., # of bottlers, customers, etc.), and other major indicators of the scope and complexity of this job.

Volume (unit case/gallons)



Over 25 brands





Bottlers & types


Countries, BU(s), and/or Group Responsibility

 Paraguay, SLBU , Franchise Operations

D. COMMUNICATION COMPLEXITIES:  Indicate the level, purpose and complexity of the communications inside and outside TCCC. (Examples:  Across business unit, groups or global communications; Dissemination of information internally, externally or mixed; Negotiations with one party internally or multiple parties externally, etc.) Include any Company spokesperson responsibilities.

Overall: Position demands a senior player with deep knowledge of the business, high interpersonal / communications skills to influence, negotiate and coordinate with Bottler and multidisciplinary teams with stressed timings. The candidate must be a an example of our growth behaviors:

- Curious

- V1.0/2.0

- Inclusive

- Empowered


Bottlers Commercial Director & Stills Manager- Recommend strategies / plans on a monthly basis

Andina SLE Franchise Director – Recommend & implement strategies / plans on an ongoing basis,.

KO Sitills Franchise Mgr – Work jointly to implement the BP agreed plans & the strategies aligned with the Stills Lead.

Bottler Commercial and marketing team– Negotiate and coordinate

Big Bets & APU Mktg Team - align strategies / plans; Coordinate

Strategy & Planning – Build & compromise Rolling Estimates, Vol, SOV, etc.

Franchise Leads & Managers - collaborate

Commercial Finance Team - Coordinate

KKAA Manager – Coordinate and collaborate

C&CL team - Coordinate


KO General Manager – Ensure our growth agenda aligned with Argentina/Paraguay/Uruguay and SLBUs priorities.

SLBU CL VP - Recommend strategies / plans

External Affairs - Coordinate

Legal/SRA/PAC Manager – Influence & Coordinate

E. ANALYSIS: Describe the types of problems this job must solve to perform successfully.  Is the process well defined, or must this job develop new approaches to solve these problems?

This job must solve different types of problems to perform successfully.

The kind of projects this role is involved in (marketing, investment, portfolio management, innovation, operation/execution and processes), the job requires a broad set of problem solving to come to winning solutions for the business. The job requires an active role in revising most processes and developing new ones.

This is also key for the role to excel in balancing short term and long term priorities in decision making and problem solving.

The candidate must be a an example of our growth behaviors:

- Curious

- V1.0/2.0

- Inclusive

- Empowered

F. JUDGMENT AND DECISION MAKING: Describe the nature and impact of decisions required in this job.  Distinguish between recommendations made to someone else and decisions where this job has final authority.  Indicate  involvement (if any) with ABP and OBP development and execution.

Autonomy to work, influence bottler and KO team and making projects progress without much supervision:

- Operational Execution and input to BP.

- Ensure accomplishing goals, in line with strategic parameters and Franchise Lead guidance.

- Process improvements - identify approach, implement changes

- Develop commercial capabilities plans for bottler and customers

G. INNOVATION: Indicate this job's responsibility for new processes, systems, or products.

The position requires the active follow up and coordination of new launchings with Portfolio & Big Bets teams.

H. SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: List the number, if any,  and type (full-time, part-time, contract) of direct reports; indicate the extent of this job’s involvement in supervision including hiring, conducting performance reviews, and terminations as well as team leadership, coordination of work assignments and other indirect supervision.  Please attach a copy of the current or proposed organization chart, unless the org chart on the system is representative.



List the functional competencies and skills needed to successfully perform this job. Please do not describe the skills and qualifications of the incumbent, but rather the minimum skills and qualifications required to perform the job.

Is this position a:

Leader of Self


Leader of Others

Leader of Leaders

TCCC Competencies required: The candidate must be a an example of our growth behaviors:

- Curious

- V1.0/2.0

- Inclusive

- Empowered

Knowledge of the Business:

- System knowledge (strengths & opportunity areas, Bottler BP, franchises contract)

- Relationships network within the Company and Functional Areas.

- Relationships network within Bottler community.

- Fact based analytical thinking and problem Solving. Creative thinking. Use of information and data.

- Build value based relations and solid interactions with others. Exerting Personal Influence.  Strategic negotiation and persuasive skills.

- Works under pressure. Strong Resilience.

- Balances immediate and long term priorities. Planning, Negotiating, Organizing and Managing Projects & Budget

- Delivers results through leadership and working collaboratively.

- Develops and inspires others. Leadership skills (People Development, Coaching & Feedback)

Technical Skills:

• Understanding of Revenue Growth Management.

• In depth knowledge of advanced execution principles, picture of success, etc.

• Influence and negotiation skills.

- Channels: Advanced trade marketing and channel expertise

- RGM: Package & Pricing (package preference, purchase drivers, setting optimal pricing: elasticity/conjoint),

- OBPPC architecture, Value Chains, Segmented Execution

Motivational Skills:

• Self-Motivated, capable of working under continuous pressure.

• Ability of being structured under an unstructured environment, and to administrate complexity.

• Open-minded, perseverant to change status-quo.

• Firm in defending convictions yet understanding.

• Confident, Winner’s attitude.

Communication Skills:

• Advanced persuasive skills applied in negotiations-interactions with middle management.

- Fluent in both English and Spanish.

• Building and sustaining a position.

• Getting others support a position.

• Empathy and ability to listen and understand other’s point of view.

• Presence that conveys confidence, respect and trust

• Strong presentation skills and ability to influence.

• Developed interpersonal skills.

K. EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Indicate the minimum education level required to perform the job. 

Education Required

Level of Certificate

10  No Degree

11  High School

12  Intermediate Certificate / Associate Degree

13  University/Bachelor’s degree

14  University/Advanced degree


15  Postgraduate/Master’s degree


16  Doctorate/JD/Ph.D./MD

L. PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Please list any additional preferred qualifications.  (example:  CPA/MBA preferred)

M. CULTURAL DIVERSITY: Please describe any language, ethnic or culture differences this job faces.  List any language requirements.

N. WORKING CONDITIONS: Describe the risk of exposure to hazards in performing this job, and the types of hazards faced.

O. TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS:  Indicate the annual percent of time that this job requires overnight travel or day trips.  Please include the nature and geographic scope of travel requirements

Over 50% of time, travel required to Paraguay.

P. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Please provide any additional information that is not included in any of the above sections that would aid in ensuring that this job description represents an accurate and complete picture of the job.  If the job existed previously, please describe what has changed.  Also, please include any jobs that you believe are comparable to this job.

Our Purpose and Growth Culture:

We are taking deliberate action to nurture an inclusive culture that is grounded in our company purpose, to refresh the world and make a difference. We act with a growth mindset, take an expansive approach to what's possible and believe in continuous learning to improve our business and ourselves. We focus on four key behaviors - curious, empowered, inclusive and agile - and value how we work as much as what we achieve. We believe that our culture is one of the reasons our company continues to thrive after 130+ years. Visit Our Purpose and Vision to learn more about these behaviors and how you can bring them to life in your next role at Coca-Cola.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class. When we collect your personal information as part of a job application or offer of employment, we do so in accordance with industry standards and best practices and in compliance with applicable privacy laws.

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